Information on the suitable installation and location of the source or 'cooler' of water, in addition to the correct use and adapted of the source, change of the bottle of water and where does not have to install.

Installation and location of the source or 'cooler' of water

The source has to situate in a centrical place, accessible for users, and in clean state, fresco and dry.

It does not have to be situated in the following places or conditions:

  • Alfresco neither in places with direct exposure in the sunlight. 
  • In surroundings polvorientos, without ventilation or humid.
  • In irregular surfaces, bent or feeble. 
  • Near of the heating or any source of heat.
  • Inside or near of basins, rubbish or waste. 
  • In narrow corridors or in zones of start of emergencies.
  • Near of aggressive smells.

Correct use of the source:
The source has to be always connected, even when it do not use , maintaining the water to cold temperature.
The source has to be always with bottle, if it does not have full bottles maintain the empty.
It avert to touch the start of water of the taps with the hands.
It do not fill up small bottles to avert the contact of the mouth of the bottle with the taps of the source.
Have precaution with the hot water.
Anybody has to use the source with the soiled hands or people with some illness infecciosa.

Change of the bottle of water
Never it use a bottle that was open, with the precinto of broken or half guarantee empty.
It change the so prompt bottle as it was empty.
It watch that the new bottle was exteriormente clean, if do not clean it adequately.
Clean the hands before changing the bottle.
Before changing the bottle remove the precinto of guarantee.
Never it remove the cap of a full or empty bottle.
It remove the empty bottle throwing vertically, never of form bent.
It check that there is not water in the zone of the source where fits the bottle. If there was it, dry it with paper of cellulose of an alone use.
It plant vertically face down the bottle on the source.
It check that it exits water by the taps.

Recommendations of ergonomics:
Take the bottle by the collar and the base maintaining the separate feet for a good support.
Before raising it of the soil flexionar the knees.
When it raise , maintain the straight back. Employ the force of the legs.
When it raise , it turn moving the feet in place to move only the body.
When finally it put the bottle in the source, first lean it in the emplazamiento and afterwards turn it with care.

Storage and care of the bottles (full and empty)
It store the empty or full bottles in a dry place, dark and clean.
It plant the bottles far of substances that release strong smells like dissolvent, petrols, etc.
It is terminantemente forbidden the filled up of the bottles with any type of liquid, included water.
Never it manipulate the cap of any form and especially do not extract it.

Maintenance and cleansing of the source
Vacíe And clean periodically the recogeaguas.
It maintain clean the external walls of the source of water and the bottle, without using aggressive products or perfumed.
The sources of water require a higienización periodic, according to the Code of valid Best practices of ADEAC/EBWA.

General observations
It do not try to disassemble the source.
It do not manipulate the electrical parts.
It do not use the source or bottles like shelf for plants or foods.
It do not move the source with the placed bottle.
It do not use sprays, ambientadores or vaporizadores near of the source.
It contact with his distributor in front of any failure.
If the source remains off duty during several days, turn off the switch of the hot water.

It is advisable that do not raise the bottles people that:
Have less than 18 years or more than 55.
They are in advanced state of pregnancy.
Have cardiac or respiratory problems.
Have a record of hernias.
Have some transitory problem that prevent him do it correctly.

The correct care and conservation of an enfriador of water also is his responsibility.
The byline of an agreement of service does not exempt him of said obligation.
All that that provide water to consumers is responsible of the inocuidad of the water. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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