Wednesday 7 October, General Assembly ADEAC

El próximo miércoles 7 de octubre, ADEAC celebrará su asamblea general
Next Wednesday 7 October, ADEAC will celebrate his general assembly
As it agreed in the meeting of Managerial Joint of the past 9 July 2020 and in accordance with what has the article 14 of the statutes of ADEAC, by the present summon him formally to the General Assembly of the Association of Distributors and Envasadores of Water in Cooler (ADEAC),that will take place in the dispatch CODINA ADVOCATS, in the street Jaume Casanovas 99 right basses (08820 The Prat of Llobregat); next Wednesday 07 October 2020 to the 12:00 hours in first announcement and, in necessary case, to the 12:30 in second announcement. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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