Canaletas Launches a new dispenser of water ‘free hands' that acciona by means of sensors

Canaletas, company associated to ADEAC attains the register of patent model of utility by his innovation. Canaletas Spanish manufacturer of sources of water with more than 55 years of experience, spear to the market the new model of dispenser of water Canaletas M-99IDOP, adapted to the demanding sanitary measures current. It treats a source ‘free hands' especially designed to fill up bottles of 0,5 litres, deleting the use of glasses of plastic. It works by means of sensors and does not require that the user touch it in any moment. 
This new model of Canaletas has obtained the register like patent of model of utility, privilege that awards the State like recognition of the investment and endeavours made regarding new inventions refers .

The dispenser M-99IDOP has of two sensors to choose cold water or natural water. It suffices with sobreponer the hand on, without arriving to touch the pulsadores. In this way, it guarantees a total hygiene in the use of the dispenser of water. Another appearance to stand out is that this dispenser of water has the sufficient capacity of cold to fill up bottles, deleting like this the need to use glasses of plastic, with the profit that this comports to environmental level. 

The department of R&D, that at the beginning of 2020, took out new models that allowed to fill up bottles by means of a pedal, contributes now new solutions, as it is the sensor in the frontal part of the dispenser, that detects the presence of a bottle; and a main height of the dispenser of water that offers a main ergonomics of use. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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