Our Actions

With the aim to strengthen to the sector and fulfil his expectations, ADEAC makes the following activities:
  • The editorial of the Code of Best practices, a fundamental guide for the correct development of the activity of the sector.
  • Annual audits of quality and management, of obliged fulfillment, and that they are made to the associated by companies recognised by the Watercoolers Europe (WE).
  • The publication of the Manual of the good use of the source, oriented to form to the consumer in the correct handle of the machine.
  • Organisation of Courses of Technical Formation, so much of ADEAC as of WE .

18 November: General Assembly of ADEAC

The proximo Thursday 18 November, ADEAC will celebrate the Annual Assembly in a face-to-face act

Wednesday 7 October, General Assembly ADEAC

Next Wednesday 7 October, ADEAC will celebrate his general assembly

A hundred of analytical of detection of SARS-CoV-2 in surfaces of dispensers of water in garrafas and to the net evidencian the absence of the virus in all the surfaces analysed.

The result of the analyses of the 100 samples made in sources of usual use in companies, offices and rooms of wait, with a maximum of three points of taking of sample...

ADEAC, leading in Wave Zero

Interview to Jordi Oliver-Rodés, of Laboratori Oliver-Rodés, in the program The Ciutat of Wave Zero.
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